This page has been revised to reflect changes in the Diocese of Tucson Safe Environment applications for employment and volunteers.
Our Lady of Fatima Parish is dedicated to maintaining a safe environment for our parishioners.  All individuals involved in ministries with either youth or the vulnerable elderly are screened. All screening is conducted and approved by the Diocese of Tucson Safe Environment Program.  
To report any safety incidents to the Parish (520) 883-1717 or email the Safety Environment Compliance Officer.  All calls are confidential. Complete the Diocese Child Abuse Report Form.

Application Process for Volunteers and Staff

All volunteers at Our Lady of Fatima Parish who work with youth, or vulnerable elderly are required to complete the Safe Environment training provided through the Diocese of Tucson and/or our Parish.  There are two levels of certification:  High and Low.  The High level requires fingerprinting and a background investigation. If your volunteer position involves money then a credit check will also be required.  Both High and Low level clearance requires viewing compliance videos and attesting to reading the Diocese's Code of Conduct and Guidelines.  

If you wish to be a volunteer at Our Lady of Fatima Parish, you must complete an on-line application.  You must also have a valid email address to reply to your application as it is processed. 

    Click on this link to apply for for employment or volunteer position. APPLICATION

From the Diocese of Tucson Employment Opportunities web page you will be able to select the job or volunteer position of interest.  For volunteers, click on the "All Departments" drop down box, select "Parish Volunteer Opportunities" from the list and then click on "Search".  This will list all parishes in the Diocese with volunteer opportunities.  Scroll down until you find "Our Lady of Fatima" parish.  Click on this this position and follow the instructions. The Parish Compliance Officer will then communication with you about your application by the email you provided.

Please note a Criminal History Check must be completed every 5 years to avoid having your fingerprints taken again. The fee for the initial Criminal History Check is $17.50, renewal is $12.50.  Turn in your completed forms and fee to the Safe Environment Compliance Officer at our Parish office.

For both High and Low level clearance a volunteer must view the Safe Environment  videos at our Parish at least once every 3 years.  You may also view these videos on-line after first registering and viewing the videos for the first time at our Parish.  After completing the on-line class, print out your Certificate of Completion.  You will also receive an Attestation Form from the Diocese of Tucson in your email.  Sign this form and return both the Attestation Form and Certificate of Completion to our Parish Office. 

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