Finance Council 
The Pastor has the primary responsibility for the spiritual and material welfare of the Parish. The Parish Pastoral Council along with the Finance Council and the Parish Board of Directors serve both the parish and the diocese in providing support for its leadership and membership. 

The task of the finance council is to assist the pastor in administration of the property and finances of the parish. 

The importance of an active, informed council cannot be overemphasized. The active informed council would hold to the mission of the parish, protect the integrity of pastoral objectives, establish adequate council policies and ensure consistent adherence to those policies. 
The Council is an advisory body and does not substitute for the pastor as the chief administrator and legal representative of parish matters. The relationship between the pastor and the Council is one of support and collaboration. The establishment of the Parish Finance Council does not lessen the authority of the pastor to act and decide on behalf of the parish as defined by Canon Law.

Rev. Vili Valderrama- Pastor

 Clara Dupnik

Judy Barcelo-Lopez

 Michael Saldivar



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