Pastoral Parish Council
Purpose: The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to give counsel to the pastor. The Parish Pastoral Council is called to reflect and consider pastoral issues for the common good and for the future of the parish. The subsequent recommendations of the Parish Pastoral Council may be accomplished by seeking consensus, or when circumstances require, obtaining a majority vote. All decisions are then placed in the hands of the pastor. The Pastor should consider carefully the decisions of the council and provide proper explanation to the council when acting contrary to its recommendations.

Guidelines: The Diocese of Tucson provides Parishes with Guidelines. Governing Document:  Each parish is to establish a governing document for the operation of the Parish Pastoral Council.
Pastoral Council of Our Lady of Fatima Parish Guidelines 
Oath of Office for Pastoral Council
Pastoral Council Duties

Rev. Vili Valderrama - Pastor (Ex-Officio)
Mr. Rev Robert Negrette - Deacon (Ex-Officio)
Mr. Rev. Tony Geonnotti - Deacon (Ex-Officio)
Irma Anaya - Religious Education (Ex-Officio)

Clara Dupnik 

Cristina Negrette
Bruno Loya
Joyce Matthews 
Blanca Almada
Sonia Enruiquez
Maria C. Rodriquez
Lupita Alday 
Maria Rodriquez
Bill Gilman

Teresita Moreno - Ex-Officio
Michael Saldivar - Ex-Officio
Judy Barcelo-Lopez - Ex-Officio

All meetings will occur on a Wednesday at 6 pm at the Parish Center. Attendance is requested of priests, deacons and leaders of all parish ministries. Please mark these dates on your calendars.
No meeting during Summer.

September 28, Wednesday at Fatima
October 26, Wednesday at Fatima
November 23, Wednesday at Fatima
December 14, Wednesday at Fatima 

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